The Department of Computer Science & Information Technology of Cotton University is located beside Dr. Surya Kumar Bhuyan Library and the Alumni House. It started as a computer centre under the erstwhile Cotton College on the 30th of July 2003, with funding from The North Eastern Council, Shillong. In the year 2004, this Centre was upgraded to a full-fledged department. In 2006, B.Sc. (Major) course in Computer Science was introduced. In the year 2007 the department also introduced the BCA course. Currently, the department offers B.Sc. and BCA at the UG level, and MCA at the PG level. It also offers Ph.D. course in Computer Science & IT.

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Recent Publications

  • Hiten Choudhury, "Enhanced Anonymity: Customized for Roaming and Non-Roaming IoT-Devices in 5G Mobile Network",, in the proceedings of 3rd IEEE ISEA International Conference on Security and Privacy 2020, IIT Guwahati.
    Publish by: IEEE
    Publish on: 29-February-2020

  • C. J. Kumar , P.R. Das and A. Hazarika, “Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis and Machine Learning: A Review “,, Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics, Inderscience publishers, Jan 2021(accepted)
    Publish by: INDERSCIENCE
    Publish on: 23-January-2021

  • Hiten Choudhury, "HashXor: A lightweight scheme for identity privacy of IoT devices in 5G mobile network",, Computer Networks, 186, (2020), 107753 (
    Publish by: Elsevier
    Publish on: 2020-12-26

  • Pallabi Sharma, Kangkana Bora, Kunio Kosugai, and Bunil Kumar Balabantaray, "Two Stage Classification with CNN for Colorectal Cancer Detection",, Oncologie (SCI), 2020 (Accepted).
    Publish by: SCI
    Publish on: 2020-10-28

  • Tilendra Chowdhury, L.N. Sharma, M.K. Bhuyan, Kangkana Bora, ‘Identification of Human Breathing-States Using Cardiac-Vibrational Signal for m-Health Applications, IEEE Sensors journal,IEEE, Accepted (2020)
    Publish by: IEEE
    Publish on: 2020-09-23

  • Barun Barua, Genevieve Chyrmang, Kangkana Bora, R Suresh, and Lipi B. Ma- hanta, ‘2D IMAGE STITCHING TO GENERATE A FILM OF FIRED BULLETS’, I3CS 2020 : 3rd International Conference on, Computing and Communication Systems, Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (LNNS), Springer, Shillong, 2020 (accepted)
    Publish by: SPRINGER
    Publish on: 12-June-2020

  • Himanish Shekhar Das, Pinki Roy, “Bottleneck Feature-Based Hybrid Deep Autoencoder Approach for Indian Language Identification”,, Arab J SciEng (2020) (Springer, SCI)
    Publish by: SPRINGER
    Publish on: 09-June-2020

  • Pallabi Sharma, Kangkana Bora, Bunil Kumar Balabantaray, ‘Identification of sig- nificant frames from colonoscopy video: an approach towards early detection of Colo- rectal cancer, IEEE International, IEEE, Shillong, July 02-04, 2020. (accepted)
    Publish by: IEEE
    Publish on: 04-July-2020

  • Chauhan, P., Deka, S.K., and Sarma, N., "An Efficient Decision Fusion Scheme for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks,", Proc. of International Conference on Computer Communication and Internet of Things (ICCCIoT-2020) , 03-04 February, 2020, Tripura University [Accepted].
    Publish by: SPRINGER
    Publish on: 04-February-2020

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